What to Compost

What I Can Compost

Vegetables (fresh/cooked)
Dry Cereal and Bread
Rice and other Grains
Natural Fibers
Egg Shells
Coffee Grounds & Filters
Loose Leaf Tea & Filters
Pesticide-Free Yard Waste
Plant Trimmings
Shredded Paper
Pet Hair

What I Can't Compost

Eggs (eggshells are no problem)
Excessive Grease, Oil, Fats
Raw Fish/Meat
Pet Droppings

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Tips for Composting

You can compost:

  • All cooked or raw plant products, including mushrooms
  • Paper products (but not glossy types of paper)
  • Shells
  • Cotton, hemp, and silk
  • BPI-Certified compostables
  • Pesticide-free garden trimmings

While you can compost anything that was once living and contains energy for another living process, we do say NO to a few items to encourage a more healthy and sanitary experience with composting. We do not want your bucket smelling of rotting meat, rancid oil/milk, or...feces!

A tip: nutritious material into the bucket = nutritious compost!

You can't compost:

  • Dripping amounts of oils or fats/butter (like bacon grease or deep frying oil)
  • Pet droppings or litter

Please avoid:

  • Liquids (wrap wet material in paper to help absorb moisture)

If you notice mold on your food, cover the food lightly with paper, trying not to disturb the spores. Mold is good for composting but bad for indoor air quality.

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