Our Composting Services

Residential Composting

We provide the collection Container complete with liner and lid-- you provide the energy!

Your Container is a sanitary 5-gal bucket with an easy-to-remove lid. If Container becomes damaged or stolen, we will replace free of charge and work out the best system for your location.

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Easy Step-By-Step Directions after Signing-up and receiving your collection Container.

1. Use container to collect accepted material.

2. On your scheduled neighborhood collection day (we send reminders via text or email) or on request, leave your Container out or accessible to our team.

3. Container will be exchanged with a fresh one or sanitized on-site and ready for your next collection period. Material collected is transported to our composting partners!


  • 1 pickup every 4 weeks (1x a month) and On-Demand pickup—$20 per month
  • 1 pickup every 2 weeks (2x a month)$30 per month
  • 1 pickup every week (4x a month)$40 per month

Discounts available for 6 month memberships (5% off) or 12 month memberships (10% off) purchased in advance

Do you think you need a custom collection schedule? Would you rather drop your full bucket off at our office? Just ask us and we can work something out - we just want you to compost!


We provide all materials for duration of service.

Benefits for a business to compost:

  • Trash collection and cost is greatly reduced when your business diverts materials from a landfill—some members even become zero-waste!
  • Add environmental and community value to your business model, while increasing marketable opportunities while partnering with local waste processors.
  • Connect into a closed-loop, waste to compost system.
  • Help reduce carbon emissions in Chicago while helping to increase public health and cleaner air.
  • Participation helps contribute to local soil remediation and local food projects

On request, all commercial members will receive an individualized waste report to communicate the amount of organic waste that has been diverted; We can provide other data to help with your business' specific marketing goals

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Other Out-of-the-Box Composting Opportunities

  • Private or Public event compost services and programming
  • Larger container options; Service options for lawn and yard waste and other seasonal materials.

Looking to compost at home? Healthy Soil Compost can source you composting system and if needed, help manage it year round. If you need some help troubleshooting a problem with your existing composting efforts, we can do that too—just ask anytime!

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