About Healthy Soil Compost

"Our mission is simple: to provide an environmentally-sustainable model of community composting and organic recycling for Chicago residents. We serve as a significant component in the local ecosystem—we are decomposers and energy regenerators."

- Farmer Jon

Bicycles are Powerful!

Bicycles provide a clean and quiet, yet powerful way to move people and materials through an urban setting. Healthy Soil Compost is proud to be among the vast bicycle community in Chicago! Community interaction through bicycle transport enables an opportunity to communicate our mission and provide awareness to localized sustainable waste services, Chicago agricultural projects, and the importance of healthy soil!

Motor-Vehicles Help!

Beginning winter, 2016.. we incorporated a motor-vehicle support system to our bicycle fleet! This support system will allow for our service to continue during unsafe weather conditions or by providing supplemental hauling capabilities.

Our ability to service your private or professional space is safe and affordable. We can help your office with third party sustainability certifications, help connect members to a thriving urban agricultural community, and lower the amount of waste you send to a landfill.


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